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CANCELLED – Friend songs

Photo: Jari Flink
Photo: Jari Flink
SATURDAY 8.8.2020 18:00 - 19:00
The Church of St Lawrence Reittiopas
Amor Céu

Aino Peltomaa, voice, medieval harp, percussions, artistic direction
Anna-Maaria Oramo, voice, clavisimbalum
Corina Marti, recorder, organetto
Eira Karlson, voice, fiddle

Guest: Gonçalo Cruz, bagpipe



A tickets: €25
B tickets: €20/10

Music of the Middle Ages has often been preserved in beautiful manuscripts that were both slow and expensive to produce. Among the best-known are the 13th-century Cantigas de Santa Maria ascribed to Alfonso X “The Wise”, King of Castile and León. The role of this enlightened sovereign who encouraged cultural exchange between Christians, Jews and Muslims is not known for certain, but Cantigas d’Amigo, “Friend Songs” consisting of 500 poems were also collected alongside the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Amor Céu have compiled a programme from both collections, placing the troubadour Martin Codax in the leading role in seven Cantigas d’Amigo. His songs are secular, often love poems, and the narrator is most often a woman. The Finnish-Spanish ensemble Amor Céu crystallises its concert in Mia irmana fremosa – “Oh sister, come with me to the sea”.

Martin Codax: Quantas sabades amare amigo             

Cantigas de Santa Maria: Rosa das rosas 10                 

Cantigas de Santa Maria: De Santa María sinal qual xe quér 123      

Martin Codax: Ai Deus se sab'ora meu amigo              

Cantigas de Santa Maria 320: Santa María léva            

Cantigas de Santa Maria 77: Da que Déus mamou o leite do séu peito                  

Cantigas de Santa Maria 119: Como somos per conscello do démo perdudos       

Gregorian chant: Flos filius

Montpellier: Plus belle que flor

Quant revient

L'autrier joer

Flos Filius Eius                    

Cantigas de Santa Maria: 

Santa María

Strela do día

Martin Codax: Ondas do mare de Vigo   

Martin Codax: M andad´ei comigo          

Cantigas de Santa Maria 185: Poder há Santa María grande d' os séus acorrer     

Martin Codax: Ai ondas que eu vin veere                     

Martin codax: Mia irmana fremosa         

Adam de la Halle: Amours et ma dame et aussi           

Cantigas de Santa Maria 263: Muit' é ben-aventurado e en bon ponto naceu       

Cantigas de Santa Maria 282: Par Déus, muit' há gran vertude na paravla comũal

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