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CANCELLED – Laura Maddalena – music drama, premiere

Photo: Ville Paul Paasimaa
Photo: Ville Paul Paasimaa
Elina Mustonen and working group

Elina Mustonen, harpsichordist and actress
Eero Hämeenniemi, music ant text
Music also from Luigi Rossi, Barbara Strozzi, Domenico Scarlatti, Baldassare Galuppi and Ferdinando Bertoni.
Johanna Freundlich, stage director
Nina Mansikka, visualiser

Tickets: €25/10

Ospedales were Italian girls’ orphanages founded in the Middle Ages. By the end of the 17th century they had become major musical establishments, such as Vivaldi’s well-known Ospedale della Pietà. The music drama Laura Maddalena is about Venetian orphanages and tells the stories of three women living in different eras, brought to life by actress-harpsichordist Elina Mustonen in a work commissioned from composer Eero Hämeenniemi. His text and music explore the Venetian Baroque. Also flitting through the drama are such historical figures as composer-musician Maddalena Laura Lombardini Sirmen, and composers Barbara Strozzi and Giuseppe Tartini. The story of the emancipation of musical young women is a continuation of Elina Mustonen’s highly-acclaimed Her Infinite Variety, about Shakespeare, and Jouez!, about Molière, combining music and drama.

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