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CANCELLED – Gloria and Hymen – a royal Venetian wedding

Photo: Evy Ottermans
Photo: Evy Ottermans
WEDNESDAY 12.8.2020 19:00 - 20:30
The Church of St Lawrence Reittiopas
Il Gardellino

Conductor Peter Van Heyghen

Gabriella Martellacci, mezzo-soprano
Gaia Petrone, alto

Joanna Huszcza, Jacek Kurzydlo, Michiyo Kondo, Ortwin Lowyck, Madoka Nakamaru, Noyuri Hazama, Marleen Vandaele, Annelies Decock, violin
Kaat De Cock, Amaryllis Dieltiens, viola
Ira Givol, Phyllis Bartholomeus, cello
Frank Coppieters, double bass
Francesco Olivero, lute
Kris Verhelst, harpsichord

A tickets: 40€
B tickets: 30/20€

The various national Baroque styles vied for supremacy in their day, but it would not be a great injustice to declare the Italians as the winners. In its second concert, Il Gardellino traces the spread of Italian Baroque to other parts of Europe. Francesco Geminiani was one of the greatest Italian virtuosi, a pupil of Corelli, and he moved to England as early as 1716. There he arranged his teacher’s renowned violin sonatas, among them “La Follia”, as concertos. Pietro Castrucci, a violinist-composer, had settled in London a year before and there conducted Handel’s opera orchestra for decades. Charles Avison, an organist from Newcastle, was a pupil of Geminiani and applied Italian teachings in his concerto arrangements of keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. The most famous composer of the era was Antonio Vivaldi, and the European courts rivalled one another in commissioning works from him. The cantata or serenata Gloria e Imeneo was composed for the wedding of King Louis XV of France.

Charles Avison (1709–1770): Concerto nr.3 in D minor, after D.Scarlatti (1744)
Largo andante
Allegro spiritoso

Pietro Castrucci (1679–1752): Concerto grosso Op.3, IV in A minor (1736)
Adagio andantino
Allegro ardito
Adagio un poco andantino
Allegro spiritoso                                                                                                                                                    

Francesco Geminiani (1687–1762): Concerto grosso in D minor after A.Corelli: Op.5, XII (1729), Variations on “Follia”                                                                                                                    


Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741): Sinfonia RV 111a in C major

Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741): Serenata RV 687 “Gloria e Imeneo”


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