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CANCELLED – Baroque from Africa – Transatlantic legacies

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B tickets: €20/10

Lutenist Zak Ozmo, born in Bosnia but now resident in London, and Tunde Jegede, master of the African kora harp, join forces in a lively flight of instrumental and cultural-historical fantasy. The noble-sounding West African kora, a 21-stringed instrument, has in recent years made its appearance in the company of, among other things, Spanish flamenco. The history of the Mandé or Mandingo culture spreading across Senegal, Gambia, Mali and Guinea stretches back to the beginning of the modern era, the 17th century. This concert examines the relationship between this and European Baroque via composers and works from both traditions.

Mandé Kora Tradition: Three Mandé Songs
Tutu Jara

Alessandro Piccinini (1566–c. 1638): Toccata XX
Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger (1580–1651): Fantasia 

Trad., rooted in the Malian Royal Court Tradition, 13th–14th century: Heritage
Masane Cissé

Anon., 18th c.: Canario
Anon., 18th c.: Chacoina
Anon., 18th c.: Folias de Espahna
Anon., 18th c.: Cumbe

Trad., 18th-century, Kabu Empire (1537–1867): Alla La Ké 
Anon., 17th c.: Arromba

Anon., 17th c.: Gandum
Anon., 17th c.: Vilão 
Anon., 17th c.: Cãozinho

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