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Antonio Zacara da Teramo – servant of four Popes

Photo: Magnus Skrede
Photo: Magnus Skrede
SATURDAY 14.8.2021 18:00 - 19:00
The Church of St Lawrence Reittiopas

Jostein Gundersen, flutes and artistic director
Ingvill Holter, soprano 
Sunniva Eliassen, mezzo-soprano
Kjetil Almenning, tenor
Tyler Ray, tenor
Anna Danilevskaïa, fiddle
Hans Lub, fiddle


Tickets: €20
Concession tickets: €10

Antonio da Teramo (c. 1365–1416) was born in Teramo in the Kingdom of Naples but moved to Rome in the 1390s and there served three Popes and one Antipope as a scribe and singer. It was the time known as the Great Schism: in addition to Rome, there was a Pope in Avignon, and Europe lacked a supreme pontiff. This fostered unrest, but also cunning and heretic thinking. Afflicted by a congenital disease, Antonio da Teramo was dubbed Zacara, meaning “a small thing or a thing of little value” due to his stunted growth and his lack of fingers and toes. Musically, he was a veritable pioneer, a link between early polyphony and the refined avant-garde ars subtilior, of the 15th century. The Currentes ensemble from Norway has assembled a Mass from works for the church by Maestro Zacara that reflects the masterly, experimental and mystical spirit of the time.


Kyrie - Rex Angelorum/Clemens Pater

Gloria / Antonio Zacara da Teramo (ca 1365–1416)



Credo / Antonio Zacara da Teramo (ca 1365–1416):


Sanctus / Anonymus (Ivrea, Biblioteca Capitolare, Ms. 115)

Agnus Dei / Anonymus (Cambrai, Bibliothèque Communale, Ms. B 1328)



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