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BRQ Vantaan joulukonsertti - Angeles del cielo

SATURDAY 18.12.2021 14:00 - 15:00
The Church of St Lawrence Reittiopas

Free entry

Angeles del cielo is a concert of joyful and devout, playful and gentle Christmas music fom the Spanish time of expeditions. The Tampere-Helsinki based medieval and renaissance music ensembles Lumous and Fioretto take us to a festive atmosphere with a renaissance music program and a story told by stage artist Jukka Virtala in his character as a Renaissance lord.

The concert is part of the Helsinki Parish Church Village Christmas event.

Participation in the concert requires a valid Covid19 passport which will be checked at the church door.

Danza de las hachas/Danse de la torche - Anon. /T. Arbeau (1519–1595) Verbum caro - Cancionero de Uppsala (1556)
Obra de 8 tono alto - Sebastian de Heredia (1561–1627)
Alta danza d’Espagna - Francisco de la Torre (1483–1504)
Vos virgin sois nuestra madre - Cancionero de Uppsala

Dadme albricias - Cancionero de Uppsala
Propiñán del melyor - Cancionero de Palacio (c.1460–1560)
Ríu, ríu chíu - Cancionero de Uppsala
E la don don - Cancionero de Uppsala
Señores el ques nascido - Cancionero de Uppsala

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