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Photo: Marco Borggreve
Photo: Marco Borggreve

As in previous years, the BRQ Vantaa Festival's cornucopia overflows with a diverse and intriguing program, this year focusing on Baroque music without forgetting new music. The festival's theme is "The Human Voice," which can be heard every day of the festival: women sing and men take on speaking roles. The festival will be held from August 10–16, 2024, in Vantaa's St. Lawrence chuch, Tikkurila church and Theater Vantaa.

The festival once again welcomes Norwegian mezzo-soprano Marianne Beate Kielland, who won the hearts of the audience at the 2012 festival. She continues the series of Bach cantatas she began a few years ago and will also interpret music by Purcell. Master of the Baroque harp, Andrew Lawrence-King, will hold a fascinating solo concert with the theme of ancient music from the Baltic Sea region. Other international musicians will perform with the top old music ensemble, BRQ Vantaa Ensemble, during many concerts at the festival.

Finnish sopranos Piia Komsi and Kajsa Dahlbäck, as well as actors Tommi Korpela and Jussi Lehtonen, will also perform at the festival. Newcomers to the old music scene, Juuli Holma and Isabella Shaw with their ensembles, will have their own concerts, and the interdisciplinary "Green Fairy" performance with its visualizations will provoke thought. The festival's new executive producer, Eero Saunamäki, will perform as a recorder player in several concerts. BRQ Vantaa is also participating again in the Helsingan Medieval Day, and an exciting program is promised for the Night of the Arts!

In honor of Vantaa's 50th anniversary, the BRQ Vantaa Festival is also organizing events outside the festival dates. Welcome to enjoy the music with us!

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Aapo Häkkinen (583.6 kB)
Andrew Lawrence-King (492.9 kB)
Anssi Koskela (47.2 kB)
Assi Karttunen (523.3 kB)
Bojan Čičić (258.1 kB)
BRQ Vantaa Ensemble (106.9 kB)
Eero Palviainen (107.2 kB)
Eero Saunamäki (332.9 kB)
Emmanuel Laporte (573.6 kB)
Hanna Pakkala (68.2 kB)
Ilkka Eronen (254.1 kB)
Isabella Shaw (103.3 kB)
Júlia Arquillo (856.0 kB)
Julius Pyrhönen (160.7 kB)
Jussi Lehtonen (173.8 kB)
Juuli Holma (357.5 kB)
Kajsa Dahlbäck (356.5 kB)
Katariina Malmberg (390.8 kB)
Kirill Kozlovski (320.0 kB)
Laura Hárs (508.3 kB)
Louna Hosia (540.4 kB)
Marianna Henriksson (877.3 kB)
Marianne Beate Kielland (396.7 kB)
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (1.4 MB)
Mia Kivinen (914.1 kB)
Nahoko Kinoshita (283.5 kB)
Oblica Ensemble (226.2 kB)
Pami Karvonen (281.1 kB)
Petteri Pitko (388.9 kB)
Piia Komsi (28.0 kB)
Tommi Korpela (566.7 kB)

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