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Photo: Marco Borggreve
Photo: Marco Borggreve

The BRQ Vantaa Festival, held this year from 8 to 15 August 2023, invites listeners to enjoy early music in this time. The main concert venue, the Church of St Lawrence, is the oldest building in the capital region, built in the 15th century and ideal in terms of atmosphere and acoustics. In addition to the Church of St Lawrence and the Helsinge Parish Village environment, the festival will also extend to Tikkurila Church.

International guests include Profeti della Quinta vocal ensemble and bass Stephen MacLeod. The festival's house band, made up of both national and international BRQ musicians, will perform a rich variety of music, from the most beloved concertos of the Baroque period to Boccherini's lurid quintet. In Tikkurila church, you can hear the church's organ both in the premier of a commissioned work composed for the very organ, when the Rosetta Ensemble performs Cecilia Damström's new trio for organ, violin and recorder as part of its program combining new and old music, after which Samppa Laakso plays organ music from the Baroque period. Brand new and beloved early music will also be heard together in the concert of the young Finnish-Estonian ensemble Æstus. In the festival's epilogue concert, Aapo Häkkinen on harpsichord will plunge listeners into the depths of J.S. Bach's polyphony.

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Aapo Häkkinen (584 kB)
Anna Gebert (604 kB)
Cecilia Bernardini (226 kB)
Eero Palviainen (107 kB)
Hanna Pakkala (68 kB)
Jennie Kackur (753 kB)
Julius Pyrhönen (161 kB)
Marcel Ponseele (81 kB)
Marcus van den Munckhof (39 kB)
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (1 MB)
Max Nyman (77 kB)
Profeti della Quinta (618 kB)
Rosetta Ensemble (457 kB)
Samppa Laakso (479 kB)
Stephan MacLeod (149 kB)
Æstus (175 kB)

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