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Photo: Marco Borggreve
Photo: Marco Borggreve

The BRQ Vantaa Festival to be held this year on August 6–13 once again invites listeners to come and hear music that is early yet fresh. The main venue is the oldest building in the Helsinki region, the 15th century Church of St Lawrence – an ideal setting in terms of atmosphere and acoustics. The three pillars of the programme are Bach, Couperin and Vivaldi, but interspersed with such rarities as the programmatic early 17th century viol fantasias of Michael East interpreted by the Phantasm ensemble (photo above), 13th century troubadour songs mirroring female sentiments performed by Amor Céu, and Baroque music played on a Finnish kantele and an African kora harp.

One of the most exciting new works at this year’s festival will be the music drama Laura Maddalena by Finnish composer Eero Hämeenniemi, in which actress-harpsichordist Elina Mustonen will throw light on the life of a female musician in a Baroque orphanage. Among the most cosmopolitan of this year’s top guests are the Phantasm ensemble with Nicholas Mulroy (tenor), Florence Malgoire (violin) and Laurence Stewart (harpsichord), and the Flemish Baroque orchestra Il Gardellino. The young Estonian Anna-Liisa Eller already impressed our audiences on the kantele last summer, and phenomenal, world-famous Tunde Jegede will play the West African kora in the company of Bosnian lutenist Zak Ozmo.

Enquiries and further press photos:

Aapo Häkkinen (584 kB)
Aino Peltomaa (677 kB)
Amandine Solano (47 kB)
Amor Céu (390 kB)
Anna-Liisa Eller (281 kB)
Anna-Maaria Oramo (31 kB)
BRQ Vantaa Ensemble (47 kB)
Cecilia Bernardini (226 kB)
Corina Marti (335 kB)
Currentes (467 kB)
Deborah Cachet (344 kB)
Eira Karlson (481 kB)
Florence Malgoire (28 kB)
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra Ensemble (350 kB)
Il Gardellino Chamber Ensemble (267 kB)
Jan de Vinne (36 kB)
Joanna Huszcza (161 kB)
Johanna Isokoski (33 kB)
Korneel Bernolet (326 kB)
Laurence Dreyfus (700 kB)
Laurent Stewart (158 kB)
Maija Lampela (58 kB)
Marcel Ponseele (81 kB)
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (1 MB)
Petri Kumela (309 kB)
Rosetta Ensemble (457 kB)

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