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Concerto evening

The evening of concertos will feature a cornucopia of works by Venetian composers Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741) and Tomaso Albinoni (1671–1751), with a concerto by German composer Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688–1758) as a wild card. The concert is a collection of full-baroque concertos in the traditional fast-slow-fast structure for various instruments and even unusual instrumental combinations. By Antonio Vivaldi, the superhero of concerto composition, the evening offers concertos for recorder and two cellos as well as a chamber ensemble of traverso, oboe, violin and bassoon. The opening concerto for oboe and strings is by Tomaso Albinoni, who considered himself primarily an operatic composer but, ironically enough, is best known for his G minor adagio, whose real composer has since been identified as musicologist Remo Giazotto. Johann Friedrich Fasch, whose dreams of studying in Italy were dashed by the lack of an aristocratic patron, studied and worked in Darmstadt and Prague and composed not only the bassoon concerto but also 70 other concertos and a large collection of instrumental and vocal music.

Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1751): Concerto a cinque, Op. 9/2: D Minor for Solo Oboe and Strings

  • Allegro e non Presto
  • Adagio
  • Allegro

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741): Concerto for Two Cellos in G Minor, RV 531

  • Allegro
  • Largo
  • Allegro

Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758): Bassoon Concerto in C Major, FaWV L:C2

  • Allegro
  • Largo e sforzato
  • Allegro

Antonio Vivaldi: Recorder Concerto RV 443

  • [Allegro]
  • Largo
  • Allegro molto

Antonio Vivaldi: Chamber concerto for traverso, oboe, violin, bassoon & b.c. in G minor RV 105

  • Allegro
  • Largo
  • [No tempo]

Normal price: 18€
Pensioners: 12€
Other concession groups: 10€

Bundle ticket to same day concerts:
Ma 8.8. at 19-20 // Boccherini vs. Haydn
Ma 8.8. at 20.30-21.30 // Concerto evening
Both at St Lawrence Church, Vantaa

Normal price: 26€
Pensioners: 18€
Other concession groups: 15€

Note! Ticket prices are subject to a Ticketmaster handling fee of 1,00-2,50 € and an order fee of 1,50 €.

Jennie Kackur, Jasu Moisio & Jani Sunnarborg
Jennie Kackur, Jasu Moisio & Jani Sunnarborg

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