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The Best of Baroque 

SATURDAY 13.8.2022 19:00 - 20:00
The Church of St Lawrence Reittiopas
Il Gardellino Chamber Ensemble

Jan De Winne, flute
Marcel Ponseele, oboe
Joanna Huszcza, violin
Jacek Kurzydlo, violin
Kaat De Cock, viola
Ira Givol, cello
Kris Verelst, harpsichord

Around 1725, an Italian wind blew through Europe, and especially Vivaldi's composition style had an enormous influence on many German composers. At the same time Pergolesi caused a revolution in France, where public suddenly no longer knew how to deal with the traditional French style of Jean Baptiste Lully. Paris went through a period of serious arguments about too much Italian influence. Yet a peaceful solution was more obvious among German composers such as Händel, Fasch and Telemann: simply decided to combine the best elements of each national style.

France brought a whole culture of dance forms that can easily be found in Bach's orchestral suite, but to which a German solid structure was added. Italy provided the vocality one can hear in Händel, and Vivaldi's ritornello structure was quickly imitated by all in the instrumental concertos, of which Fasch is an excellent example.

This chamber music program is like a snapshot of what was very fashionable in the 1730’s in Europe. Bach even arranged Marcello’s oboe concerto into an organ work, thus absorbing some Italian vitamins into his repertoire…

Il Gardellino is an internationally renowned Flemish period orchestra, which will perform this concert with its chamber ensemble.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750):
Suite BWV 1067 in B minor for flute, strings and basso continuo

  • Ouverture
  • Rondeau 
  • Sarabande
  • Bourrées I& II
  • Polonaise & Double 
  • Menuett 
  • Badinerie

Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741):
La Follia RV 63 for 2 violins and basso continuo

  • Adagio - Andante - Allegro - (volti)
  • [ei tempoa] - Adagio - Vivace - Allegro - Larg[h]etto - Allegro - (volti)
  • Adagio - Allegro

Alessandro Marcello (1673 –1747):
Concerto in D minor for oboe, strings and basso continuo

  • Andante e spiccato
  • Adagio
  • Presto

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759):
Triosonata HWV 386b in B minor for flute, violin and basso continuo

  • Andante-Adagio
  • Allegro ma non troppo
  • Largo
  • Allegro

Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688–1758):
Concerto L:h1  in B minor for flute, oboe, strings and basso continuo

  • Allegro
  • Largo
  • Allegro

Normal price: 18€
Pensioners: 13€
Other concession groups: 10€

Note! Ticket prices are subject to a Ticketmaster handling fee of 1,00-2,50 € and an order fee of 1,50 €.

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