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Butterflies, princesses and mysterious barricades – works for harpsichord by Couperin

Laurent Stewart harpsichord

“I have to admit that I love music that moves me much more than that which surprises me,” François Couperin once said, and Laurent Stewart agrees. Between 1713 and 1730 Couperin published four collections of harpsichord suites, or ordres as he called them: 233 pieces in all that in many ways marked the culmination of the French Baroque. Stewart has picked out some portraits, scenes and dances the enigmatic titles and elegant twists of which reflect the fastidious, exacting culture of life at the French court. A student of Jos van Immerseel, Stewart is one of the most eminent interpreters of the French Baroque in the world today.

François Couperin 1668–1733:
Les Moissonneurs 
Les Langueurs-Tendres
La Bersan 
Les Baricades Mistérieuses 

La Régente, ou la Minerve 
Le Dodo, ou L’amour au Berceau 
La Douce, et
Les Vergers fleüris 
La Princesse de Chabeuil, ou La Muse de Monaco 

Les Idées Heureuses 
La Diligente 
La Voluptueuse 
Les Papillons 

Allemande La Verneuil
La Verneuilléte 
Soeur Monique 
L’ Attendrissante
Le Turbulent 

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