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Antonio Zacara da Teramo – servant of four Popes

SATURDAY 14.8.2021 18:00 - 19:00
The Church of St Lawrence Reittiopas

Jostein Gundersen, flutes and artistic director
Ingvill Holter, soprano 
Sunniva Eliassen, mezzo-soprano
Tyler Ray, tenor
Anna Danilevskaïa, fiddle
Hans Lub, fiddle


Antonio da Teramo (c. 1365–1416) was born in Teramo in the Kingdom of Naples but moved to Rome in the 1390s and there served three Popes and one Antipope as a scribe and singer. It was the time known as the Great Schism: in addition to Rome, there was a Pope in Avignon, and Europe lacked a supreme pontiff. This fostered unrest, but also cunning and heretic thinking. Afflicted by a congenital disease, Antonio da Teramo was dubbed Zacara, meaning “a small thing or a thing of little value” due to his stunted growth and his lack of fingers and toes. Musically, he was a veritable pioneer, a link between early polyphony and the refined avant-garde ars subtilior, of the 15th century. The Currentes ensemble from Norway has assembled a Mass from works for the church by Maestro Zacara that reflects the masterly, experimental and mystical spirit of the time.

Introit*, 7th mode: «Signum magnum». Counterpoint by Currentes
Kyrie: Anonymus (Ivrea, Biblioteca Capitolare, Ms. 115): «Rex Angelorum/Clemens Pater»

Gloria: Antonio Zacara da Teramo (ca 1365–1415): «Gloria Micinella»

Interlude 1: Paolo da Firenze (ca 1355-1436): «Amor da po ́ che tu ti maravigli»
Gradual*, 7th mode: «Audi filia». Counterpoint by Currentes
Alleluia*, 5th mode

Interlude 2: Guillaume Dufay (1397–1374): «Vergine bella»

Credo: Antonio Zacara da Teramo: «Credo cursor»
Offertory*, 2nd mode: «Inimicitias ponam». Counterpoint by Currentes
Sanctus: Anonymus (Ivrea, Biblioteca Capitolare, Ms. 115)
Agnus Dei: Anonymus (Cambrai, Bibliothèque Communale, Ms. B 1328

Interlude 3: Antonio Zacara da Teramo: «Nuda non era»
Communion: «Benedicimus deum caeli» (proper for the Feast of the blessed trinity). Counterpoint by Currentes

*Proper of the mass: A mass for August 15th: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tickets: €20
Concession tickets: €10

Photo: Magnus Skrede
Photo: Magnus Skrede

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