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Harmony of the Angels

In 17th century Italy, convents offered women a path in life where music and creativity flourished. Girls, for whom marriage was financially impossible, often found their way to convents, which became centers for music and composition.

Musical nuns were quite famous; people wrote about them and went to the convents to listen to their music. Performances provided the nuns with a livelihood, and since singing nuns could not be seen, a wall was built between the nuns and the audience. However, the wall did not reach the ceiling, allowing the music to carry over to the audience.

The work of these nuns has left a mark on Christian musical tradition, preserving the voice of a woman from over 300 years ago in church music.

Isabella Leonarda - Chiara Margarita Cozzolani - Rosa Giacinta Badalla

Normal price: 30€
Pensioners: 25€
Other concession groups: 10€

Bundle ticket to the concerts on the same day:
Sun 11.8. at 6.30 PM // The touch of Corelli
Sun 11.8. at 8 PM // Harmony of the Angels
Both in St Lawrence Church, Vantaa

Bundle ticket prices:
Normal price: 50€
Pensioners: 40€
Other concession groups: 17€

Festival pass (incl. all nine concerts with admission)
Normal priced: 210€
Pensioners: 170€
Other concession groups: 70€

Buy your festival pass here, limited amount available!

Possible visual limitation in some seats.

  • Discounted tickets are available for: students, unemployed, children under 18 years of age and those performing military or civil service.
  • There is a separate ticket for pensioners.
  • A personal assistant is admitted free of charge.

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