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The Chapel of St Lawrence

Photo: Riina Koivisto
Photo: Riina Koivisto

The Chapel of the Church of St Lawrence, right beside the church and Vicarage Park, was inaugurated in August 2010.

It was designed by the newly-graduated young architects Anu Puustinen and Ville Hara, who submitted the winning entry, “Path”, in an open architectural competition for a new chapel. The understated modern chapel fits well in the age-old cultural-historical landscape. According to Anu Puustinen, the chapel has a projected life of 200 years.

The chapel was designed very much with the mourner in mind. Complementing its architecture are works of art such as Pekka Jylhä’s Mourning, a shower of crystals suspended from the ceiling like chains of tears. The chapel architecture and works of art can be admired both during events and on one of the few guided tours held every year.

BRQ Vantaa holds concerts by small ensembles in the Chapel. The intimate ambiance and clear acoustics create a pleasing setting for concerts rich in atmosphere.

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