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Helsinge Parish Vicarage

Kuva: Riina Koivisto
Kuva: Riina Koivisto

The present vicarage was built in 1856 but was partly destroyed by fire in 1896 and thereafter restored according to the architectural drawings made by Theodor Höijer.

Major repairs were carried out in 2001, refurbishing it as it looked in the 19th century. It is nowadays used for special parish events. In spring 2020 the larger, refurbished vicarage was opened to the public. One end is reserved for events and the building now has two large rooms and smaller ones for guests.

The vicarage room where the BRQ Vantaa concerts are held is familiar and means a lot to numerous residents in the former Helsinge Parish. Church weddings were not as popular in former times as they are today, and hundreds of couples have said “I do” in the vicarage. At one time the vicarage was a sort of village culture centre, and the vicar’s wife would for many years preside over meetings of the Martha Association formed by the village women, for example. Many figures of note in Finland’s history also frequented the vicarage back in their day.

There have, however, been several main buildings over the centuries, as a new one replaced an old or damaged predecessor. The oldest indication of a vicarage is on the northern side of the church, in the area between the present vicarage and the bell tower. Archaeological research determined the original site in studies made in 2013 and 2014. The oldest finds date from the latter half of the 14th century, so the remains of the vicarage then found would appear to be medieval.

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