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Pami Karvonen

Musician Pami Karvonen's projects over the last five years have included, among others, "Johannes's Journey" with Tommi Korpela, "Our Organ Festivals," establishing a vineyard in Siuntio, a film Mirages directed by Marikki Hakola and based on Kaija Saariaho's music at three recordings with Johanna Rusanen-Kartano and Ville Rusanen, a book "Kalaonnea" about the healing elements of fishing, as well as performances in Hong Kong and Mainland China as a soloist in Ravel's G-major concerto and Chinese piano concertos.

Karvonen serves in the position of church musician at the Siuntio Finnish Parish.

"Pami Karvonen's piano playing is like listening to a grand symphony orchestra." - Dalton Baldwin

10.8.2024 18:30 In the footsteps of John

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