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I Fortunati


Maikki Säikkä, soprano
Anneliina Rif, soprano
Topias Tiheäsalo, baroque guitar
Tuomas Kourula, theorbo 

Anneliina Rif started her musical studies on the violin, but soon moved on to the recorder, whose sound captivated with its purity and sensitivity. At the Sibelius Academy, she studied in the solo singing department, while developing her early music skills in master classes. Anneliina Rif has performed in ensembles and as a soloist in Finland and abroad and has made music on several record releases.

"Time exists as we understand it only for those of us temporarily bound to this time. Somewhere else, what we think happened a thousand years ago is happening right now."

Since childhood, the vibration of keyboard strings has guided Tuomas Kourula's path in music. His instruments these days are mostly various lutes, historical keyboard instruments from centuries ago. Early music and its instruments take Kourula from his everyday life to a hidden state of being, where the laws are different from our modern existence: closer to the real core of experience - to stop, breathe and move again as part of the ancient and mysterious subconscious shared by mankind. The art of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, its cultural background and world view, are for him a return to a forgotten but familiar homeland.

Topias Tiheäsalo is a guitarist specialising in improvised and experimental music. He has composed film music, organised experimental music festivals and events, and performed as an improvising musician all over Europe. Tiheäsalo has also produced numerous music specials and series for Yle Radio 1. He approaches early music from both compositional and improvisational perspectives - as if they were different, complementary sides of the same coin. Tiheäsalo likes to work with all kinds of guitar-like instruments, whether electric or acoustic, new or old. In his spare time, he plays football, spends time with his children, cycles and watches a lot of films.

Maikki Säikkä, a soprano and vocal coach from Turku, holds a Master's degree in music from Bratislava and has also worked and studied in Italy and elsewhere. She is currently working in the Turku region. Säikkä has sung several operatic roles and performed with various ensembles in Finland and abroad. In addition, she is a member of several ensembles, and ensemble music is close to her heart. In all music, especially early music, he is particularly fascinated by the freedom and colourful variety of means of expression.

11.8.2022 20:30 11.8. I Fortunati – The Waves of Time

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