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Assi Karttunen

Harpsichordist Assi Karttunen specializes in performing and researching Baroque music. She performs as a soloist and chamber musician, also engaging in interdisciplinary and experimental groups. Over her thirty-year career, Karttunen has recorded solo harpsichord works by composers such as Rameau, Froberger, Lynch, and Frescobaldi, and has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in countries including Italy, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Japan, Russia, Estonia, Denmark, and Sweden. Karttunen has worked at the Sibelius Academy's early music department and the DocMus doctoral school, teaching harpsichord and basso continuo, and currently holds a position as a lecturer there. As a musician-researcher, she also conducts research and publishes scholarly articles. In the Trio Superpluck, Karttunen has premiered over 20 new music compositions between 2019 and 2024.

Photo: Antti Savolainen
Photo: Antti Savolainen
12.8.2024 18:30 The Green Fairy

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