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Joanna Huszcza

Joanna Huszcza is an impassioned violinist, chamber musician, concertmaster and soloist who is making more and more frequent appearances in the greatest concert halls and festivals. She was born in Warsaw and now lives in Brussels. Joanna Huszcza studied with Enrico Gatti at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, graduating there in 2009. She was subsequently invited to create a class in Baroque violin at the Akademia Muzyczna in Łódź. She currently teaches baroque violin at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. Joanna Huszcza has had the privilege of working with some of the most talented and inspiring musicians of today; these experiences have encouraged her to find her own approach to music. The idea that music is a language is very close to her heart and has ensured that she is particularly interested in the vocal aspect of violin playing. In her current research she compares musical sources from the early 17th century with the modern ideal that an instrument should imitate the human voice. She plays a violin made by Hendrik Jacobs in Amsterdam in 1689.

Photo: Evy Ottemans
Photo: Evy Ottemans

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