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Florence Malgoire

"We admire this art of spinning the bow like a soprano singing on the breath" (Jérôme Bigorie, choc de Classica).

Coming from a family of musicians, with a flutist mother, France Gombert, and a conductor father, Jean-Claude Malgoire, she was initiated into the "Grande écurie et la chambre du Roy", and then into "la petite Bande" during her studies with Sigiswald Kuijken at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

For many years, she has been in great demand as a solo violinist, and called upon to play by many eminent and celebrated conductors and orchestras, such as: "La Chapelle Royale" by P. Herreweghe, "La Grande écurie et la Chambre du Roy", by JC Malgoire, "Les Talens Lyriques" by C Rousset, "Les Arts Florissants" by W Christie, and "La Capella Mediterranéa" by L Garcia Alarcon - with whom she has travelled the world for many concerts and recordings.

In 2003, she created her ensemble "Les Dominos", who has appeared in numbers varying all the way from a simple trio to a full orchestra. Their work covers an exceptionally broad range of music, from the Baroque to the Classical period, and their discography has been greatly acclaimed by the press, most notably their unique interpretation of the complete sonatas of Elisabeth Jacquet from La Guerre (choc de Classica).

The meeting, a few years ago, with Mahan Esfahani, harpsichordist, formed a close, collaborative duo.

Florence Malgoire participates actively in productions with dancers, singers and actors, for example:

"La Belle Dame" designed by Béatrice Massin with her company "fêtes Galantes" under the musical direction of Florence Malgoire: DVD for Mezzo .

Musical settings of F Schubert with readings byMarie-Christine Barrault, Sonatas of the Rosary by FI Biber with Carmela Locantore,...

"We can always expect Florence Malgoire to be in breach of mannerism (...) She plays as she breathes and it is not to say that these colleagues like to follow her when she leads the 1st violin (Gaetan Naulleau) or "hands" according to the repertoire: Mozart's requiem, Handel's concerti, Vivaldi, Muffat's Symphonies, JP Rameau's Motets, Fritz's symphonies, Schwindl...

Her desire to share her talents has led her to teach in Master Classes at The Juilliard School in New York, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Beijing, Sablé sur Sarthe, Jijon, JOA, OFJ, and, since 2000, both violin and chamber music at the Geneva University of Music (HEM).

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