BRQ | Vantaa Festival

Amor Céu

Photo: Jari Flink
Photo: Jari Flink


Aino Peltomaa, voice, medieval harp, percussions, artistic direction
Anna-Maaria Oramo, voice, clavisimbalum
Corina Marti, recorder, organetto
Eira Karlson, voice, fiddle

Guest: Gonçalo Cruz, bagpipe



The Portuguese name of the ensemble Amor Céu literally means “Love Heaven” and refers to a loved-one, a friend or companion, a loved-one far away (Amor seu) or heavenly love. The ensemble has been formed especially for BRQ Vantaa 2020 and the Cantiga d’amigo concert module. Its members have worked together on various projects, but they now join together on stage for the very first time.

10.8.2021 20:30 Friend songs

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